On Monju's Hot Seat, Relaks Radio,  Ripon, on behalf of UCAN,  talked about the state of Britain today in the context of welfare system and the housing crisis. Whilst on the show for two hours with Manju Haque, Ripon shared his thoughts on the way the welfare state has been transformed since its founding.

In the 19th century, a period of great industrial change in Britain, welfare services were needed to improve the conditions of workers. Germany competed against Britain to develop such a system that was about advancing the safety net for workers compete in the global economic market.  Most of the services, however, were provided by churches, charities and work house institutions. 

After the Second World War the state nationalised services once provided by local organisations.There were mass social housing development programmes, the creation of the National Health Service and the welfare and social care functions provided by local governments. 

Ripon went to say that since the 1980s erosion of the welfare state was beginning to take shape. The perception shifted towards demonising claimants on benefits. 


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