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Debt Talk: FCA, vulnerable consumers & duty on Spotify (episode 1)

Welcome to the first of many Debt Talk podcast presented to you by Ripon Ray , a debt expert for over 10 years. In times of the cost of living crisis , talking about debt is more urgent than ever before. At the same time, to keep up with regulatory and government policy changes is a must; this podcast explores many of these issues vulnerable and marginalised communities experience from different parts of the UK to support stakeholders to think about what actions are required in urgent times. In this first episode Ripon Ray speaks to Helen Lord , CEO of Vulnerability Registration Service , on the following issues: - The meaning of vulnerability from the perspective of the Financial Conduct Authority - Ways organisations to identify vulnerability - Meaning of consumer duty and Financial Conduct Authority - Tips available to organisations who are struggling with implementing Consumer Duty Guidance into practice If you want to get in touch with Ripon Ray to speak about debt rela

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