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UC Curry Connect invites Your Doctor Debt in times of the pandemic

The UK Curry Connect, a leading association for the Indian restaurant industry in Britain, invites Ripon Ray to support its members during the pandemic. The association brings chefs, waiters and small restaurant owners  to support them in  one of the worst effected period in the history of the sector. 'A lot of our workers do not know where to seek help. Chefs and waiters have lost their livelihood. No one cares about our sector.  The restaurant industry has been built by us: Bangladeshi chefs, waiters and small business owners. We are not sure whether we are going to survive during the period.' Ripon Ray reached out to the industry leaders to support them during a very tough time because they have been left to fend for themselves. Many of these workers are too marginalise to get help from anyone.  If you want invite Ripon Ray, don't be shy. Otherwise, get in touch with UK Curry Connect to find out about your rights on issues related to money, benefits and more. The event i
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Your Doctor Debt on BBC Money Box

Your Doctor Debt  was on BBC  Money Box - Radio 4 - to talk about Payment Holiday, debt and your money. If you want Ripon Ray to speak on debt or money related issues as an expert let me know. 

Covid-19 & Your Money Matters in Newham

Thank you Mutual Covid Newham for inviting me to speak about universal credit on Zoom.

Testimonial from Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year.

'Thank you Ripon for speaking at Ealing Covid 19 Mutual aid group on Universal credit.  I had no idea how complex the regime is and now understand how some of my clients have fallen through the gaps and ended up without money or support.  Despite the direness of the subject Ripon explained very clearly and with good humour. We'll ask you back again!'  Rheian Davies, Winner of Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year, and Covid-19 Nurse at Nightingale  Hospital 

Ethics of Lending & Borrowing when your Benefits stop

‘I had no clue why my universal credit claim was closed. I have not told DWP that my circumstances have changed.  I had taken out a loan for £5000 whilst I made an appeal against the decision of the DWP; otherwise, I won’t be able to pay my rent.’  Mila’s situation raises a number of questions in terms of whether her Universal Credit claim should have been stopped by the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), or if she should have obtained the loan in the first place to pay her rent or that the appropriate loan company should have even given Mila the loan.  When I spoke to Mila though, her survival instinct drove her to make the application for the loan. If she had taken it out unethically, that no doubt raises more questions. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduced a number of changes in the benefit system. One of these changes was the introduction of Universal Credit. Instead of making a number of claims for means tested benefits - such as support for housing cost a

Zero Hours Contracts & Universal Credit

This is a quick summary of the workings of zero hours contracts/or unpredictable hours of employment and their connection with universal credit. UCAN also covers how CORONAVIRUS would impact your benefit entitlement. 

Monju's Hot Seat & Relaks Radio

On  Monju's Hot Seat , Relaks Radio,  Ripon, on behalf of UCAN,  talked about the state of Britain today in the context of welfare system and the housing crisis. Whilst on the show for two hours with Manju Haque, Ripon shared his thoughts on the way the welfare state has been transformed since its founding. In the 19th century, a period of great industrial change in Britain, welfare services were needed to improve the conditions of workers. Germany competed against Britain to develop such a system that was about advancing the safety net for workers compete in the global economic market.  Most of the services, however, were provided by churches, charities and work house institutions.  After the Second World War the state nationalised services once provided by local organisations.There were mass social housing development programmes, the creation of the National Health Service and the welfare and social care functions provided by local governments.  Ripon went to sa